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As a new entrant, your first goal is finding customers and creating a client base.  Also, growing sales and earning high profits are part of the foundational goals.  For this reason, you design a wooing e-commerce site with an attractive layout and simple interface.  Then, the journey sets off. A visitor clicks on your website. They select their product of choice and fall in love with your offers. As such, they proceed to move their selections on the cart. Upon clicking the check-out icon, they change their mind immediately. Your shipping costs are unbearable to them.  In such a situation all you will be receiving are abandoned carts in place of sales. So how do you streamline your shipping on your online store? Here are some strategies:

Do not interfere with what your carrier charges you

In an aim to make an extra coin, some entrepreneurs interfere with the carrier shipping charges. In the process, they make it unbearable for the customers. As a result, though the price was fair, the added shipping cost makes the product more expensive forcing the customers to abandon their carts. For you to solve this issue, it is advisable to pass on what the carrier is charging you to ship the product without any alterations. This will ensure there are no major effects on the products costs and hence ensure order completion with low cases of cart abandonment in your online store.

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Go for free shipping

The online marketplace is highly competitive. Unless you come up with a innovation, what you are offering is similar to your competitors’ products. Hence, you must find a way of being a step ahead of the – competitive advantage.  A good way to achieve this is offering free shipping.  However, you need to strike a balance between your shipping costs and your prices to ensure you do not affect your profits.  Importantly, you should set a limit for a customer to enjoy free shipping.

Offer flat shipping rate

Another strategy you can use to managing shipment on your online store is offering flat shipping rate. Here, you charge equal rate regardless of the size or the weight of an order. However, before going for this option, you need to assess the average shipping cost to ensure they do not have an adverse impact on the product prices and your profits.

With these shipping strategies, you can have the ability to offer the best delivery services to your customers.

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