When you log in to an online business, the first advert you are likely to get is a banner stating that you will enjoy free shipping on spending a particular amount on your shopping. As a new entrant to the e-commerce arena, you may be confused on what transpires in this concept. Particularly, in the modern era where every online entrepreneur is using free shipping as their customer attraction tool, understanding it is essential.

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5 Questions & Answers about Multi Carrier Shipping Solutions

What is free shipping?

Free shipping involves offering to deliver the products and goods that your customer purchases on your online store without charging them an extra coin. All they have to pay is price and sit comfortably in their premises waiting for you to fulfill their order. As such, you are the one responsible for the shipping costs.

While this is a good idea, small businesses and startups face challenges while trying to offer free shipping. Obviously, these businesses lack enough revenue to cater for the shipping cost. Fixed budgets are a reality to them. So how do you survive in this competitive era of free shipping? Here are the tips:

Concentrate on building your brand

Make your brand attractive to every online customer. When your brand becomes a darling to online shoppers, they will be ready to pay the price. Offering quality services and fulfilling your promises are essential factors of placing your brand at the top of the rest. Instead of thinking about the shortcuts you can use to offer free shipping, you should focus your energy on establishing your brand. For instance, even if a company charges $100 to ship an iPhone, a customer will pay it without asking lots of questions. Thus, your brand will determine whether your customers will check on the shipping fee or they will just complete the transaction and relax waiting for you to play your part.

Select particular items which you will offer free shipping

In case your niche is competitive such that everyone is going the free shipping way, you should not be excluded. Instead of taking up the model as your overall shipping approach, you can go the partial way.  Here, you select some products which you will ship for free. However, you need to ensure their prices cater for the shipping expenses. Remember, nothing free is free. So, you should not carry the shipping burden. Instead, weave it and tire it on the product prices.