Customer loyalty is a pillar of any business.  Your business must be reliable and serve the customers interest for you to win their loyalty. As you know, customers are the source of cash flows. If you have to continue earning revenue in your business, you need a customer who will stick with you all the time by purchasing from your store. This is particularly essential for your online store.  The foundation of customer loyalty is shipment. Offering best products and prices do not result in loyalty if your shipping is in a crisis. Notably, selling completion point is the reception of the product by your customers. Here are three types of shipping that can boost your customers’ loyalty

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Free shipping

Free shipping involves delivering goods bought from your online store to the customer without charging a shipping fee. This model attracts customers as they know they will not add an extra cost to what they see as the price. Importantly, it is advisable to set the limit for someone to enjoy free shipping. Also, you should find a way of recovering the shipping cost. You can do this by charging a higher price or requiring bulky buying. Remember, it will be hard to ignore this option when everyone in your niche is using the model. Nevertheless, you must establish a strategy of compensating the shipping costs to ensure your earnings remain intact.

Same day delivery

When serving local customers, you can improve your customer loyalty by offering same day deliveries. For instance, when customers are having memorable days such as house party, baby shower, or anniversaries, they may need some product delivered on the same day such as gifts. In this essence, you can become part of their celebrations by ensuring same day deliveries. However, you need to do prior planning before launching this shipping option particularly when you rely on shipping carriers.

Flat rate shipping

This model is termed as the most cost-effective as you charge a fixed amount regardless of the size or weight of the order.  The approach motivates your customers as they know what they will pay for initiating their order. However, it is suitable when what you are selling falls under the same weight and size range. Otherwise, it would be a bad idea if you go for flat rate shipping when offering products with a wide range variance.

In a word, opting for one or more of these shipping strategies can boost your customer loyalty in your online store.

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